Valley Hockey League
All Around Hall of Famer!


Early on the afternoon of June 25th, Boston College Hockey Coach Jerry York received a call from the Hockey Hall of Fame committee in Toronto welcoming him as one of its newest members. Jerry's reaction? "I'm flabbergasted!" Nobody else was surprised.

Jerry York has won more games than any coach in the history of college hockey...1,067 wins to be exact and still counting. York is just the 5th college coach EVER elected to Hockey's Hall of Fame and only the forty sixth American. He has won five national championships, one at Bowling Green and four at Boston College, where he is about to begin his twenty sixth season.

In addition to his success behind the bench, Jerry York has long been a Hall of Fame father, husband, friend and neighbor his entire life. Born and raised in Watertown, the eighth of ten children, he still resides there. You can catch him at all his regular Watertown stops - Sacred Heart Church with his wife Bobby, his daily stop at Dunkin Donuts in Watertown Square, dinner at Porcini's, stopping for an ice cream at Moozy's or trying to shoot the round of his life at Oakley Country Club. Matter of fact it might be safe to say he'd trade in a few hundred of those wins if he could ever win The Masters.

If you bump into Jerry and congratulate him on the Hall of Fame don't be surprised if he changes the subject and redirects the conversation because he's simply never been comfortable with the spotlight aimed in his direction. I texted Jerry the afternoon he was elected to The Hall to congratulate him. We were both scheduled to play in the same golf tournament a few days later - The 30th annual Sheehy Golf Extravaganza - Jerry texted that he will need a "few extra strokes" I texted back "HOF will get you nothing in this tournament." He wouldn't have it any other way.

Jerry York has overcome cancer, two detached retinas which prevented him from flying so he took a train to away games even as far as South Bend to play Notre Dame. Jerry is polite, courteous and respectful. He is the perfect guardian for a parent reluctant to send a son away to college for four years. In the pantheon of Boston's greatest sports coaches, the name Jerry York must be included. When you compile the roster of someone you'd like to have as your friend, place Jerry York at the very top!