No Room For Bullies or Hazing - By Mike Lynch


No Room For Bullies or Hazing

Its another school year, new classmates and new teammates.

It's an exciting time if you are in high school. Every day, every class, practice or game is a new adventure. You reconnect with returning friends and welcome new members to your team. Will you welcome them with dignity and respect? Will you remember how intimidated you felt on your first day in high school or first practice with the team? Leaders stoop to make others feel included and part of the team or group.

Unfortunately, there is a bully in most high schools and on many teams. Bullies are nothing more than gutless people who prey on the weak and the defenseless and sadly there aren't enough leaders to stand up to these bullies. You may think you know the toughest kid on your team or your school. You may have a pretty good idea who is the strongest in your class. Here's a hint - its not the person who intimidates or who can win every fight. Its not the person who can bench press the most weight. The strongest and toughest among you is the person who has the courage, the guts, the moxie to step in and stop any bullying or hazing without fear of being ridiculed by his/her peers. The leader among you is the person who steps in and says "no, stop it, knock if off."

Doing the right thing isn't always the popular thing and doing the popular thing isn't always the right thing.  Doing the right thing never goes out of style, in any generation. When you stand up against a bully or hazing you stand taller than all of your peers. Bullying or hazing does nothing for team building or bonding. It builds resentment and usually destroys the offended person's self worth and confidence.

Stand up, speak out, be a leader. Make sure bullies and hazing on unwelcome on your team!