Bruins Make the Right Call - By Mike Lynch


Bruins Make the Right Call

Shortly after they were eliminated in six games by the Ottawa Senators, the Bruins announced that they were removing the "interim" tag from Bruce Cassidy's title and going forward he would be referred to as "Head Coach of the Bruins," Bruce Cassidy. 

There is plenty of history with "interim" coaches in these parts. Joe Morgan was an interim manager of the Red Sox in the late 1980's and turned the Sox around taking them to a pair of American League Championship Series' against the mighty Oakland A's.  Raymond Berry was an interim head coach of the Patriots in the mid 1980's and took them to their first Super Bowl - an unimaginable feat at that time.

The Bruins removed "interim" from Bruce Cassidy's title and expect similar success. I like this move. I also like teams, towns, cites and companies that promote and reward from within.
Nothing irks me more than a "state wide or nationwide search" for a superintendent or principal when the right candidate is within your system and right under your nose.

Bruce Cassidy took over a rudder-less Bruins team in February and the club went on to win 69 percent of their remaining regular season games to avoid playoff elimination for the third straight year. Bruce Cassidy played professional hockey for 13 years in such outposts as Ottawa, Saginaw, Nova Scotia and Indianapolis. He worked his way up the system as an assistant coach for 13 additional seasons in Jacksonville, Indy, Trenton, Grand Rapids and Providence.  He got 50 miles per gallon out of the remaining players he had in the 6 game playoff series with the Ottawa Senators.

The Bruins did the right thing by, A - making their decision swiftly - (leaving no doubt he was their guy and ending any speculation that they were conducting a search for someone else) and B - rewarding Cassidy for his time served, his loyalty and most importantly because he nailed his audition.  AND as a kid growing up outside of Ottawa, a region at that time that did not have an NHL team, Cassidy adopted a favorite team - The Boston Bruins.  On his bedroom wall he had the iconic picture of Bobby Orr scoring the Stanley Cup clinching goal in 1970 - That, more than all else, uniquely qualifies Bruce Cassidy to be the next Bruins head coach. Well done Bruins and all the best to a guy who acquired his new job the old fashioned way - HE EARNED IT!