Framed - By Mike Lynch



Social media, particularly Twitter, can be a very useful tool. It can also give a voice to people that really should not be heard. Sweeping through the Twitter world recently was a video of an Isaiah Thomas jersey being burned. It was posted by a person I will not name because HE should not be heard.

Burning jerseys is usually an act of disgust with a player or organization that has betrayed the fan base. But Isaiah Thomas? Seriously? Dear Mr "who Shall not be heard" have you forgotten what Isaiah Thomas went through just a few months ago? He lost his sister in a car accident and he never missed a game. He flew back and forth to the state of Washington and played at a high level with little or no sleep. IsaiahThomas had his tooth knocked out in game one of the Washington series and scored 33 points. He spent the next day and a half in a dentist chair when most people would have called in sick and scored 53 points in game 2, 29 in the 4th quarter. Isaiah Thomas made playoff basketball fun around here again. And have you forgotten that Thomas threw a December holiday party for the 60 families that were burned out of their Cambridge homes? Burn his jersey? Seriously? You should frame it....

Isaiah Thomas left his heart in Boston – he admitted so in a recent article he wrote for The Players' Tribune. Thomas found out he was traded while returning home from the Seattle airport. Danny Ainge had been trying to reach him and sent Thomas a text asking him to return his call. When Thomas asked “what’s up?” Ainge told him he was traded. Thomas wrote it hurt a lot and reinforced that sentiment by adding “I won’t lie, it still hurts.” It was refreshing to read about an athlete emptying his heart. While many would turn their back on the team that traded him, Thomas wrote that he wanted to be here forever and be thought of as the David Ortiz or Tom Brady of the Celtics. Brady actually texted Thomas after the trade to ask if he was ok, which blew Isaiah away. Thomas wrote that he was the victim of his own emotions ,”I fell in love with Boston,” he wrote. "And that is why the hurt still lingers." How would he like to be remembered? Thomas put it this way. When some young fan asks his or her parent why they became a Celtics fan he hopes they would smile and respond, “I saw Isaiah Thomas play. That would make me happy. For me that would be enough. That would make me very happy."

Isaiah Thomas made a lot of people very happy in his two and a half seasons in a Celtics uniform. Don’t burn his jersey, frame it!! 


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