Happy Birthday to the Original GOAT - By Mike Lynch


Happy Birthday to the Original GOAT


With apologies to Tom Brady we come to you on this page to salute the original GOAT who finished his playing career before Tom Brady was born On March 20th 1948, at St Joseph's Hospital in Parry Sound Ontario. Arva and Doug Orr welcomed their third child into the world. They would name him Robert Gordon Orr - affectionately know in these and other parts as "Bobby" Orr - who wore #4 - but not always.

When Orr joined the Bruins in training camp in 1966 as an 18 year old, Orr wore #27 the number he wore in juniors. Orr wore #27 in exhibition games until Al Langlois (who wore #4) had to retire after an eye injury. Orr was offered #5 - worn by Hall of Famer Dit Clapper - Orr declined - felt he wasn't worthy to wear a sweater worn by a Hall of Famer, so on opening night 1966 #4 was worn by Bobby Orr and will never be worn by anyone else.

Orr swiftly became more popular than Santa Claus - more recognizable than any athlete in a town that already had Ted Williams, Bill Russell and Bob Cousy. His grip on the region was firm and its never been released. Orr single handedly changed the pace of the game and the perception of defensemen. Orr became the only defenseman to win an NHL scoring title and he did it twice! He scored 100 points or more six straight seasons and turned this city giddy by leading the Bruins to Stanley Cup titles in 1970 and 1972.

To this day when Bobby Orr walks into a room there is a hush. Parents whisper about him into their children's ears. With all due respect - take Tom Brady's popularity multiply it by 4 and you have the legend of Bobby Orr ...Happy 71st Birthday Bobby - the Original GOAT!


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