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Valley Hockey League
X-Ice Format & Rules

The VHL Mite Hybrid Division for the 2019-20 Season will be:

  • Divided into three geographic regions (North, South and Central) to minimize travel
  • Each region will be divided into multiple tiers (Elite, AAA, AA, A) to maximize parity
  • Teams will play a 25 game regular season schedule that will consist of


Games will be played as follows:

  • Format is 4 on 4 plus goaltender
  • 1 on-ice official per each half-ice game
  • Buzzer every 2 Minutes for line change
  • Game will be 50 minutes running time
  • Referees will commence play after each buzzer or goal by tossing a puck into the neutral zone
  • Face-off will only take place at center ice at start of each game or after a penalty
  • No offsides or icing
  • Egregious penalties will be called
  • Players will serve penalty for the remainder of the current 2 minute shift plus the next 2 minute shift, the team will be play short handed during while the penalty is being served.
  • On-ice official will keep score of each game
  • Game results will be posted online by site director¬†
  • Home team provides game puck